These people quit their jobs during the pandemic. Here’s what they’re doing now

Major life events — like a global pandemic — often lead people to take stock of their lives. And many workers are now taking a closer look at their jobs and realizing it’s not what they want to be doing anymore.

In July, four million people quit their jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. People can quit for many reasons: Some want a better work-life balance or higher pay, while others realize their job is just not the right fit anymore, or they want to do something completely different with their time. But not everyone can afford to quit their job, and it often requires planning.

Here’s why these four people quit their jobs in the last year:

Retirement came a little early

Scott Banks had a plan. The 57-year-old intended to retire at 60 and travel the country in an RV with his wife. The couple had been diligently saving and spent many vacations RV’ing with their two kids over the years, so they were accustomed to life on the road. But when the pandemic hit and Banks saw the impact it was having on people’s lives, it caused him to rethink just how long he wanted to wait to retire. While he loved his job as a finance manager at a mortgage banking company in Florida, he realized he wanted more. “When you see people dying of this disease and you can imagine yourself or someone in your family being in that same situation, it makes you introspective and reflective,” Banks said. At the end of 2020, he reviewed his retirement plans and realized that if he and his wife were careful with their spending, he could retire this year. So he came up with a plan: sell their house, buy a condo to act as a home base, resign from his job and hit the road.